vsa all day

when VSA told me they wanted to send me a giant box of jewelry to style any which way i was like ok whats the catch?! luckily there was none and i got to make a bunch of looks and stack on a bunch of jewels and hang out with my friends, eat a variety of overly flavored chips, listen to rap music and dance like we're in the club, day drink, and shoot this little lookbook. jewels, faux furs, and lots of prints. just how i like it! now back to the real world. work work work work work work oof. special shout out to my best fraaaands stacey tan for doing my makeup and zoey grossman for taking these pics. love you bitchezzzzz.


hells bells

soooooo like real talk these jeans are the SHIT. when i first got them in mail i was like "ermagerrrddddd" and my boyfriend was like "what are those?" and i was like "so fucking cute duh" and he was like "errrrkayy" so its maybe more of a girl thing but either way true love between me and these babies. this shirt was in my friend nick's donate pile----i was like "what dis" and he was like "vintage ann taylor----its too tight for me" and i was like well my friend one mans trash is another mans perfect striped button down. free 99. mondays suck ass so hopefully this post will shave a good 3-4 minutes off the dreaded workday. unless you don't read this and you're just a scroll-er troll-er. like me. love a good troll scroll. xx
bells//lenni the label, button down//ann taylor (oldie), leather necklace//luiny, photos//zoey grossman 


lace in space

oh hiiiiii! you can blame zoey grossman for the reason its been so long since my last blog post. we took these pics a good 2 months ago and i waited that long for her to send them to me. but when she did i loved them so all was forgiven. hahahahaha can't hold a best friend grudge for the life of me. ok so anyway it has been DISGUSTING in la like so gross like a million degrees i have been given 0 opportunity in the last 2 months to even wear a second layer, and i have been v depressed about it. the day we took these it was cloudy and amazing and i didn't even have a sweat mustache when i had this cardi on. i pine for you fall, i think about you every day. also this dress is the easiest cutest thing ever i sort of want both the sleeveless version, and the 3 other colors it comes in. is that so wrong? i should go to a doctor and get that checked out. k love you bye! xx
shaggy cardi//lovers and drifters club, dress//free people, boots//isabel marant, photos//zoey grossman x


gypsy dreamer

been waiting for this bad boy to come out for farrrrr too long! one of my favorite shoots to date with my crew for love and lemons. with one of my favorite models everrrrrrr (eyebrow envy x 1000), marine deleeuw. i had been trolling her on instagram for basically forever, so when i finally got to dress her as my dream gyspy in a sick ass decadent house, with jewels from my boho luxe go-to jacquie aiche, and one of a kind crowns from my friend kate at amaroq. it was so fucking awesome to see everything come to life. shoots like this make me feel super lucky i get to do what i do!
for love and lemons fall '15//
model//marine deleeuw, photographer//zoey grossman, hair//luke chamberlain, makeup//samuel paul, styling//me duhhhh